We offer different types and ranges of water heaters with a portfolio of premium quality products that cover the entire spectrum of water heating solutions.  

 VERSAILLES SERIES: Composite board solid wood  stowing warnish cabinet exquisite texture and fashionable appearance.

PRAGER SERIES: Import OAK cabinet & royal luxury experience.


ELEGANCE SERIES: fingerless stainless steel, import buffer type draws exquisite texture, fashionable appearance.

EUROPEAN STYLE SERIES: Import OAK cabinet & European Luxury experience.

Introducing the first Intelligent water heating system in India. A complete innovative product, which is a perfect blend of technology and luxury. With its appearance, the water heating system will reach to a next level, where safety, energy saving, appearance, etc. will be at a height. Our central water heating system comes with bundles of features.

  • Innovative technology, design and space saving.
  • Energy efficient
  • Anode bar protection
  • Color LED screen with full integrated central
  • Heating tube specifications